Leonardo R3 Microcontroller Atmega32u4 Development Board With USB Cable Compatible For Arduino DIY Starter Kit +data line Free Shipping 100PCS/LOTS New and original PIC16F628A-I/P PIC16F628A -I/P PIC16F628 DIP-18 chip 1PCS/lot OriginaI PIC18F26K22-I/SP or PIC18F26K22-E/SP PIC18F26K22 DIP-28 High-Performance Microcontrollers Logic Analyzer 24M 8CH ARM FPGA Debug Tool 24MHz, 16MHz, 12MHz, 8MHz, 4MHz, 2MHz STM32F103VBT6 STM32F103 LQFP100 32-bit microcontroller 128K good quality ENC28J60 Ethernet for Connecting to Network with RJ45 Connector SPI interface Mxy 3PCS /LOT PIC18F26K22-I/SO SOP 28/40/44-Pin, Low- High- nanoWatt XLP Technology ATMEGA32U4-AU Chip 8-bit AVR 16K Flash Memory TQFP-44 Original 10~50PCS PIC16F676-I/SL PIC16F676 16F676 SOP14 new GT-U7 GPS Module Receiver Navigation Satellite & EEPROM Suit 6M 51 STM32 UO R3+ Raspberry Pi Flight H7 OpenMV Cam Plus low-power application DFR0833 machine vision Pro Mini Nano V3.0 ATmega328P 5V 16M Without (5Pcs) 1pcs/lot STM32F103VFT6 STM32F103V8T6 STM32F103ZDT6 STM32F207VGT6 TMS320F2808PZA LQFP-100 spot ST62T01CB6 Embedded processor controller - MCU encapsulation:PDIP-16 ATMEGA328P-AU MEGA328PU-PH TQFP32 1 pcs 5PCS/lot MS51FB9AE N76E003AT20 STM8S003F3P6 STM8S103F3P6 single microcomputer 2pcs 100% orginal MSP430F5418IPNR M430F5418 LQFP-80 MIXED SIGNAL MICROCONTROLLER large stock 2Pcs EFM32GG380F512 QFP100 512KB 128KB RAM HMC830 phase-locked loop PLL module 25M-3G OLED onboard RF signal source serial port STM8L152C4T6 8L152C4T6 8BIT 16KB FLASH 48LQFP STM32F446ZCT6 STM32F446ZET6 6 Pieces ESP32 2.4GHz WiFi Dual Cores Integrated Antenna Low Noise Amplifiers Orange One H3 1G Quad-Core Support Ubuntu Linux Android PC Single Programming Yamaichi IC Test Burn-in Socket a simple board, especially STM8 in QFP64(0.5mm pitch) package Pico Low-Cost, Flexible Digital Interfaces , Interfaces, Pre-Soldered Header 7 Inch Touch screen, industrial equipment, microcontroller, human-computer development ST-07004 Cortex-M M0518LD2AE (LQFP48) winder 12F508 PIC12F508 PIC12F508-I/P 8-Bit DIP-8 x 50PCS 3 Pcs 5Pcs CF775-04/P CF775 DIP28 HD6413002F16V 16-BIT 16MHz QFP-100 6413002F16 10Pcs/Lot 192.168.f1122 STM32F103R8T6 64K flash memory LQFP64 10pcs/lot PIC16F630-I/SL PIC16F630 SOP-14 AT91SAM7S64A-AU AT91SAM7S64 AU QFP-64 AT91SAM7S64-AU 2PCS ,ATMEGA16U2-MU Single-chip Microcomputer 512 X 8 1PCS PIC18F4550-I/P PIC18F4550 18F4550 DIP40 PIC 16KX16 5PCS/ Brand MSP430G2553IRHB32R QFN-32 16-bit mixed microcontroller-MCU STM32F103VET6 32 bit CORTEXM3 512K ATXMEGA32A4U 44TQFP, 105C TEMP, GREEN, 1.6-3.6V, T&R 16 Channel Relay Shield DC 12V 24V Optocoupler LM2576 Interface Power ,STM8L152C8T6 LQFP-48 16MHz/64KB Memory/8-bit Microcontroller-MCU 5PCS/Lot AT89C2051-24PU AT89C2051 AT89C2051-24P 8051 2K DIP-20 ATMEGA16A-AU low power high performance, ATmega 1KB STM32F101V8T6 V8T6 STM32F101 shipping 10PCS MAX7219 dot matrix display finished goods 5pcs/Lot Inline Micro ATmega32u4 16MHZ Mirco Replace Electric Unit Sound Card Tray Live Microphone Plastic Stand Threaded Clamp Clip Fit Tripod Bracket Accessories Mobile Phone Professional Pop Filter Bilayer Recording Durable Double Layer Studio Windscreen Black Metal Holder Swing Boom Floor Mic Adjustable Stage Car Radio Toyota Fortuner HILUX Revo 2008-2014 Multimedia Stereo Vedio Player Auto DSP 1din 2DIN 10 Universal Goods Recorder 7Inch Navi Audio Head Carplay Drum Shockproof Musical Instrument Pole Extensible Section Boompole 67.5inch Extension Video Tactical Headband Headset Cover Outdoor Headphones Modular Coating Military Headphone Earmuffs Hunting Shooting DJI Osmo Pocket 3.5mm Adapter Supports External Higher-quality Expansion Repairing of -Logitech Astro A40 Gaming Maintenance Parts Reducing.